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January is CSA savings month!


Happy New Year and good afternoon friends! The only greeting I could really think of is “Standing together”. With everything else in chaos and limbo at least we Foodies can stick together to grow, share, eat, and preserve wholesome, clean fresh foods.

I’d like to begin this newsletter by thanking all of you for you’re past support. It is amazing how so many of you have been with “Ruegsegger Farms” for over 20 years! We certainly could not have made all these awesome products without you’re ever more awesome continued support. Whether you just signed up for our newsletter to see what’s going on, made a single purchase or are a “lifer” with us, we love you. We care about your food. I personally will not give up making your future food even better tomorrow than it is today.

We have been “Standing” here for you since 1996 with organically grown produce, free-range meats, poultry, eggs, & wild gathered items such as mushrooms, berries, & nuts. It has been my JOY to serve all of you for over 20 years!

Our first beg step upward was going 100% grass-fed with the Black Angus Beef. It has proven for over 18 years to be a far superior product. Nine years ago we began our soy-free egg venture. Although it took 7 years of slowly adjusting the feed recipe, the quality is ever better all the time. The only change we have made in the last 2 years is the addition of more (farm secrete). So if you thought the yolks were dark orange before and haven’t had then in a month or so may I suggest giving them another try soon. Five years ago we added the Duck Eggs; also Soy-free, the market for them really took off as we learned quickly that many people who cannot eat chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs. That with the added soy-free enables almost everyone to eat (safe, healthy, and delicious) eggs again!

In 2010 we moved the Pigs off of a 3/4 acre lot onto a 2 acre pasture with another 1.5 acres of woods including huge 100 plus year old Burr Oaks with literally tons of acorns in late summer and much needed shade throughout the summer heat season. In 2013 we added 7 adjoining acres of rich pasture for the pigs. Thus giving them free access to unlimited grasses, alfalfa and clovers. The meat in return has never been better.

2014 was the year we added the Hoop House to our garden. WOW! What a difference that made to vegetable and tomato production. (for example
In 2015 we harvested 50 pounds of beautiful HEIRLOOM tomatoes The Wednesday before Thanksgiving!

In 2016, I grew Ginger. Yes-Wisconsin Ginger! The freshest best tasting Ginger of my life. Now that I know how I plan to increase ginger production by 1000 %. Call me crazy but I found a supply of fresh Tumeric so I figure if I can grow ginger, I can grow Tumeric too. We’ll see.

As you can see there is always room for improvement at Ruegsegger Farms. I will strive to provide the safest, healthiest, best-flavored foods possible! Can you tell I get a little excited talking about growing your food? My only hope is that you appreciate and enjoy eating my product as much as I do growing and raising them for you.


MEANWHILE, this is where together comes in. It is January, the absolute dead of winter. Sales are the slowest of the year. Farm property taxes are due Wednesday. Baby chicks are hatching as we speak so feed needs to be purchased. Garden Seeds need to be purchased; inventory needs to be reduced to make room for upcoming meat harvests. Pies are being baked, cookie dough (9 uniquely homemade recipes) is being made into perfect size balls for baking, Meatloaf is cooling and a fresh 20-quart kettle of my 3 meat / 4 bean chili is on the burner at a very slow simmer, and much, much more.
What all this means is… We Need Your Support Now, and in the months to come. As always we are open at least 6 days a week, am doing 2 farmers markets a week, and still after 19 years, offering FREE HOME DELIVERY to qualified orders and will make or service almost any special order tailored to your needs.

Any Order maybe placed at www.naturalmeats.org, regardless if it is a preorder for store pick up, to be delivered to a Farmers Market close to you; or if you desire, Free Home Delivery.

If the old website gives you any trouble just call me at (608) 845-3663 between 11 Am & 6 Pm Monday – Friday or Text me directly at 6085585566 anytime 24/7.

Every order is important but the best deal for both of us is for you to invest in our ever-so-popular Whole Farm CSA. With four sizes to choose from there is one CSA perfect for every single person to a very hungry large family.

Again, thank you for your past and continued support,
Ruegsegger Farms
Paoli Local Foods






Next issue I will sum up nearly 10 years of Paoli Local Foods; including the addition of the local / made from scratch kitchen and café’. Just a couple of our current most popular items (FYI) are the Gluten free Quiches with morel mushrooms, grass fed burgers (no we do not feed the burgers grass), Our all time favorite “Ruegsegger Reuben” and ever so popular BBQ’d Pulled Pork sandwiches. Not to forget the Paoli Melt and home made Kombucha. 






To receive a timely discount on one of our unique CSA’s inquire to me directly with the promotion code “13117”. The sooner the CSA is ordered and the larger the purchase the bigger the discount (up to 10%).
Here are some pre ordered discounts when purchased by January 31, 2017:
10% off:
Pork Chops bone in or boneless
Pork Roasts
Whole Turkeys
Chicken legs (drumsticks)
Half gallons of Kombucha
Ken’s Lightly Spicy Honey Mustard
Paoli Pasta Sauce




Elderberry elixirs


Elderberry elixirs are a great way to get the maximum benefits of elderberries, and it tastes good. Use it for colds and flu, or general anti viral immune system strengthening.

Fresh or dried elderberries
Vodka or brandy
Raw honey

Fill your jar with elderberries. Pour vodka or brandy over about 3/4 of the berries, and finish filling the jar with honey. Gently stir it all together until all the berries are covered and steeping in the mixture. Let your brew sit infusing for at least 6 weeks.
Strain out the berries. Use by the Tablespoon.

(Recipe from The Gift of Healing Herbs by Robin Rose Bennett )

Don't forget about your feathered friends during this cold winter season. Sun flower seeds, safflower seeds, nuts, fruit and berries, peanut butter, suet, are all things they will eat, and you will get the pleasure of having them as guests all winter long. Check out Project Feeder Watch, through Cornell University, for a citizen science activity the whole family can participate in



Garlic Flu Tonic Recipe

If you are fighting cold or flu and in need of an immunity boost, try this tonic.
It’s bursting with health promoting foods.


5 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tablespoon ginger, chopped
Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1 lemon, juiced
2 red chili peppers, chopped

Add the ingredients, one layer at a time, into a 350-500 ml Mason jar.
Start with the garlic, chili peppers, and ginger, and end with the lemon juice and the apple cider vinegar.
Seal the jar, ensuring there is at least one centimeter of space from the rim.
Store the jar in the pantry and consume some of this mixture regularly until your flu symptoms are gone, or for prevention.




Farmer's Markets:



Oconomowoc High School

641 East Forest Street,

Sundays 9:30 - 1:00.


Milwaukee St. Ann's Center

2801 East Morgan Ave

Saturdays 9-1





I am again offering a $100 discount on a 1/2 freezer pig. Order must be placed by 1/31/17 to receive this huge discount





We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children

- Native American Proverb



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